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This year marks the 20th anniversary of the end of the Bosnian War, which ended on December 14, 1995. Learn and teach the history of the region and the actions of the combatants which resulted in the deaths of some 100,000 people (80 percent Bosnian) by 1995.

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Balkans Map

Do you need new, creative ways to teach and get your students involved? Download our monthly NIE calendars for ideas on how to use the Post-Dispatch each day of the week.

There is something for everyone:

Mondays- General Newspaper Skills
Tuesdays - Social Studies
Wednesdays - Language Arts
Thursdays - Math
Fridays - Science

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Celebrate and explore the power of maps through these five great features. Spatial thinking through maps is one of the most important skills that students can develop as they learn about their world.

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Celebrate and honor veterans as we explore the history of Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.

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Get your students involved and help them learn valuable mathematics skills with our holiday comparison shopping activities!

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The problem of impaired and distracted driving in our community exists. The Professional Firefighters of Eastern Missouri is campaigning to change that. 

Justify It is their way of putting accountability back into the drivers' hands. They are asking drivers to justify their behavior behind the wheel.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, texting while driving is six times more dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol.

Justify It

The R.A.M.S. Effect – Reaching and Maintaining Success

If your students enjoyed the R.A.M.S Effect program, let us know! Spread the word via Facebook or Twitter. 

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St. Louis Rams

Sign-up today and have your classroom take part in this awesome 20 week FREE program! Using NFL cities across America your students will learn both geography and research skills while having fun. Pigskin geography isn't just for geography teachers- all lessons will incorporate valuable skills suitable for any classroom.

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Order the FREE ePost Now!

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Mon, 11/30/2015 - 10:30pm

As toys go high-tech, hackers are zeroing in on a particularly vulnerable target — children.

Buzz on the Bee

Registering for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Spelling Bee is a two step process. 

Step 1:  Your school must be enrolled with the Scripps National Spelling Bee by December 11. REGISTER NOW at