St. Louis Post-Dispatch Newspapers In Education Sponsors

Corporate Sponsorships

We partner with corporations, cultural organizations, businesses, or individuals in a number of ways to provide access to and content on both the print edition of the Post-Dispatch and the e-Post. Companies may sponsor an entire program or make monetary contributions. The NIE program has developed numerous partnerships with local and national corporations — from banks to professional sports teams. Sponsors' logos are always included in the teacher promotional materials and advertising.

  • Each year the Post-Dispatch NIE markets to more than 3,000 schools, over 17,000 educators, reaching over 425,000 students in 16 counties in Missouri and Illinois
  • The Post-Dispatch NIE provides access to more than 8 million newspapers a year.
  • In addition to NIE participants, your sponsorship is viewed by general readers of the Post-Dispatch.
  • NIE, through the Missouri Press Foundation, is a 501c3

You can put your firm in the company of many fine businesses that have contributed to this worthy cause by contacting us at