Mizzou Math

Many students whose eyes glaze over after few minutes of algebra will happily spend hours analyzing their favorite sport. Mizzou Math uses sports in the classroom to increase students’ interest in mathematics, statistics and science.

11/14 - Football and Physics - When the Mizzou Tigers take the field, the first thing on all fans’ minds is not going to be physics. However, one of the most important factors of football is physics. Learn why!

11/21 - Basketball and Energy -Mizzou basketball players take the court using basic energy principles to their advantage. Your students will experiment with these concepts through a variety of activities.

12/12 - Track and Field Math - Track and field, is a sport where every millisecond or centimeter counts. When Mizzou sprinters compete, they use math to best use the lane. Learn how!

12/19 - Golf Aerodynamics - Learn how a golf ball moves through the air by studying aerodynamics, lift, drag, friction and Bernoulli’s Principle.