Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

You read the newspaper to find out the news of the day. But there’s much more you can do with the St. Louis Post Dispatch ePost or Print Edition in your classroom. Thumb through the following subjects to find ideas on how to use stories in the main section, box scores in the sports section, and even the comic strips in lessons to help boost your students’ literacy and skills! 
We want to keep these lists growing, so send your newspaper-related lesson ideas to nie@post-dispatch.com with “Lesson plans” in the subject line to share with other teachers! Look for fun, interactive lessons; available soon with your NIE online registration. 

Memorial Day

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day to remember those who have died in the service of our country. The original name was derived from the practice of decorating graves of soldiers.

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World War I

The Unites States entered World War I on April 6th, 1917. U.S. forces fought an ocean away from home for a relatively brief period of time but made a huge impact. The strength of our forces was the tipping point of the war. An armistice agreement was signed on November 11, 1918. This guide will bring the story to life...

Camping Safety

Families love to travel and camp in the summer. Toasting marshmallows or roasting hot dogs on a stick over the fire are great camping traditions. But campfires are the nation’s leading cause of children’s camping injuries. Protect your loved ones and the forests by following these simple tips.
Brought to you by the Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri....

The Big Muddy - Missouri River

The Big Muddy teaches about the river and the importance of keeping it clean – not just along its banks, but also throughout the watershed, which drains 1/6 of all the water in the United States.

Fourth of July Fireworks Safety

Celebrate America's 240th birthday safely. Across the nation, July 4th is the biggest day of the year for fireworks, and for the most injuries and fires caused by fireworks. You'll find good safety tips in this lesson.
Brought to you by the Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri.

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