Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

You read the newspaper to find out the news of the day. But there’s much more you can do with the St. Louis Post Dispatch ePost or Print Edition in your classroom. Thumb through the following subjects to find ideas on how to use stories in the main section, box scores in the sports section, and even the comic strips in lessons to help boost your students’ literacy and skills! 
We want to keep these lists growing, so send your newspaper-related lesson ideas to nie@post-dispatch.com with “Lesson plans” in the subject line to share with other teachers! Look for fun, interactive lessons; available soon with your NIE online registration. 

Mizzou Math

Many students whose eyes glaze over after few minutes of algebra will happily spend hours analyzing their favorite sport. Mizzou Math uses sports in the classroom to increase students’ interest in mathematics, statistics and science.

11/14 - Football and Physics - When the Mizzou Tigers take the field, the first thing on all fans’ minds is not going to be...

Black History Month 2017

Black History Month is a time to celebrate achievements of black Americans. This year, NIE joins with the Missouri Press in offering lessons on the Civil War Amendments, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Martin Luther King.

The Little Mermaid By Hans Christian Andersen

This is the original story with only slight editing. Teachers and students will enjoy comparing and contrasting the original tale with the modern story with which they are familiar. The story has sequences and an ending that will surprise students.

Episodes in this eleven part series will be posted starting February 2, with...

Jim the Wonder Dog

Have you ever felt like your dog understands you? Sam Van Arsdale did. In fact, Sam’s dog understood English, French and even Morse Code! This is the story of Jim the Wonder Dog — a Llewellin Setter living in the 1930s who amazed everyone with his ability to follow any command, hunt like a champion and even predict the future....

Hoops for Health

Help your students learn about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle! Our Hoops for Health topics will include the importance of exercise and healthy eating habits.

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