Families, businesses do the Irish jig to save St. James school

We've seen the ice bucket challenge and, more recently, the mannequin challenge.

Now St. James the Greater families and local businesses are trying to save their Dogtown school with their own Irish jig challenge.

You just have to dance the jig, make a video of the dance and donate to the Keep St. James effort.

The archbishop of St. Louis has already rubber stamped the school's closure, along with Our Lady of Sorrows, due to enrollment decline. The archdiocese has said that the enrollment issue is long-term and can't be fixed with a one-time fundraising effort.

But that hasn't stopped parents from trying to raise the money they believe can keep the school running.

More than $151,000 has been pledged, according to the Keep St. James website. The Irish jig challenge has raised about $2,100 as of Friday afternoon.