How can I sign up?

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch offers several different ways for you to receive the newspaper. You can choose to access the paper electronically by subscribing to our ePost product, subscribe to our Print Edition or even choose both.

e-Post Product - Just complete our easy online order form to receive the e-Post product. Don't forget to request enough ePost licenses for every teacher and student that will have access to the NIE resources throughout the school year!

Print Edition - Just complete the easy online order form to receive the Print Edition. Note: This is not a free program, but the rate is very reasonable; 15 cents per copy Monday-Saturday, 42 cents per copy Sunday only.

Minimum Order: A total of 200 newspapers with at least 10 papers each delivery day. (Newspapers may be ordered any day or days of the week.)

Examples: 10 copies per day for 20 days = 200 newspapers. 20 copies once a week for 10 weeks = 200 newspapers.