What is the value of Newspapers in Education?

Newspapers in Education provides teachers with FREE supplemental teaching materials to help make their use of the newspaper in the classroom easy, convenient and effective for students. Newspapers are an influential and integral part of our society. Freedom of the press is guaranteed under the Constitution. They are more timely than textbooks since they are updated daily and can keep students informed on current events. Newspapers bridge the gap between the classroom and the “real” world. Students learn life skills, make career decisions, and become more motivated to learn by using the newspaper in the classroom.

Once you sign up for NIE you will receive:

Online access to the FREE ePost, a digital replica of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, containing all news stories, photos and in-paper NIE features and activities.

Curriculum covering all disciplines, grade levels and many topics, all downloadable from nie.post-dispatch.com.

Supplemental activities and content for various programs and disciplines, all downloadable from nie.post-dispatch.com.

Once signed up for the FREE ePost, teachers receive:

Yearlong access for classroom use and access for students and their families.

Entry in our Educator Rewards Program which includes gift cards, tickets, special offers and more!