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Use these activities and exercises with your students or child to show them how to change their mindset using the power of YET!


Math comes in all shapes and sizes! Use these worksheets to teach your students or child all about math!

Math Geometry Money Math Math About Me Telling Time Maze & Answer Key

Constitution Day is held annually on September 17 and will commemorate the formation and signing of the United States Constitution by thirty-nine brave men on September 17, 1787.

Explore the United States Constitution as well as the Missouri Constitution in these lesson plans and activities.

Happy Birthday to the National Park Service!

The National Park Service celebrated a birthday on August 25. On that day in 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed the act that created the National Park Service. The new bureau was assigned the task of managing 35 already established national parks and monuments. They’ve added more than 380 parks since then.

Use the following activities to learn about National...

Back to School 2020

Whether you’re heading back to the classroom in-person or virtually, NIE has you covered with back-to-school activities for all learning environments.

Parent Resources 800_600

Are you starting the year with virtual learning at home? Do you need some supplemental activities for your child? Research sho ws that students who take time to study each day can maintain the learning they worked so hard to accomplish during the school year. Check out the resources below to help students (and parents!) stay on top of...

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Best on the field and brightest in the classroom!

The Scholar Athlete Program was the brainchild of Hall of Fame Baseball Writer Bob Broeg in 1965. Broeg wanted to honor high school seniors whose success was not only on the field, court or ice rink – students who excelled in the classroom as well.

For the 54th year,...


The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Newspapers in Education program and the St. Louis Cardinals are pleased to present our 2020 'A' Students as we celebrate our 56th Anniversary. This exciting program rewards the academic excellence of students in grades 9-12. Students who earn an A- average or better in the first semester are awarded two passes to a St. Louis Cardinals...