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Miles and the Monarchs 800x600

Miles and the Monarchs centers on a father and son trip to see the final game of the 1942 Negro League World Series between the Kansas City Monarchs and the Washington-Homestead Grays. Follow along with Miles as he learns life lessons and discovers the stories behind some of the greatest Negro League Baseball players to ever play the game....

Ready Set Winter Break

Winter break is just around the corner, and that means it’s almost time for the holidays! Check out our Ready, Set, (Winter) Break! guide for fun things to do over the break!

Be on the lookout for our holiday activity page in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Wednesday, December 17.


Brainstorm three goals you have for the new year. Your goals can be things you want to accomplish at school or at home. You may want to make a family goal or a personal goal. It may be working on something new or getting better at something you can already do. Think about goals you can actually work towards reaching....


December 27 is National Visit a Zoo Day! Visit the St. Louis Zoo in-person or virtually visit different zoos across the country. Once you've completed your zoo visit, pick an animal to observe and learn more about. Use our paragraph organizer to record your research. Then turn your paragraphs into an informational non-fiction book!

Holidays Around The World 800x600

Research how winter holidays are celebrated all over the world then have your students share their findings with their classmates!

Here are some places you can visit for research, in addition to the students own research:

Kids National Geographic Scholastic Learning Liftoff

Check out these activities to keep your students engaged during the winter season!

Winter Movement: Winter can be chilly, but stay warm with these activities.

Winter Mindfulness: This time of year can be busy and stressful. Mindfulness can help you focus on yourself and your happiness. Slow down with these mindful practices.

Winter Bucket...


Use our I Spy With My Little Eye puzzles to teach problem-solving skills and how to look for details.


Read any fiction or nonfiction story and the reading responses to record the story elements and important events in your book!


Gratitude and kindness are important values to express all year long, but especially during the Thanksgiving season! These gratitude activities encourage social skills and exercise character education by expressing gratitude for things and people within the classroom and beyond.

Math Art 800600

Get creative and show off your symmetry and fraction skills!