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Weatherbird is ready for class!

Does your class have a Field Trip coming up? Heading to an assembly? Take Weatherbird with you!

Here's how to get started: 1. DOWNLOAD WEATHERBIRD HERE 2. Take Weatherbird on all of your classroom adventures (don't forget to take plenty of pictures with Weatherbird!) 3. Upload your photos to the...

Field Trip Friday 2019

Presented by Happy Apples

Steps to reserve and receive your Field Trip Friday tickets:
1. Complete and submit this form.
2. An invoice will be mailed directly to the school and contact listed for payment. 
($7 per ticket - $10 for box lunch)
3. Once payment is received, a packet including tickets and all necessary information for...

Going to college is a major life milestone that comes with many decisions, from money to learning responsibility to long-term life planning. Planning often starts as early as middle school! These resources will help navigate these issues and more.

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It’s been a fun and busy summer, but now it's time to meet old school friends and learn new things! Let NIE help get the new school year started on the right foot! Download the following today:

Stress-Free School Shopping Snack Ideas Healthy Study Habits Starting a New School Making back to school fun! Homework Help The Value...

"Heat up" learning this summer with fantastic lesson plans and activities that celebrate summer. And, don't miss out on NIE's summer resources below:

Summer Health & Wellness Summer Parent Resources Racing to summer with STEM!

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Teaching summer school? Have school year round? Are you participating in a summer enrichment course? We will be featuring new content weekly with contests throughout the summer. Topics covered include:

Summer Smarts Screen Free Time Online Safety The Great Outdoors Water Safety Bike Safety Sports Safety & Sportsmanship Healthy Eats Positive Peers

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STEM is serious business on a race track, where cars can reach speeds of more than 200 miles per hour! During the month of May, NIE will be covering:

- Drag - Downforce - Drafting - Potential Energy - Kinetic Energy - Energy in Action

Ready to teach your students all about the science of...