Explore trade careers with your students!

Career exploration is an essential first step in building students’ understanding of the working world. Students realize options for their futures in hopes of finding a career path that resonates with them in terms of interests, purpose and inspiration.

For high school graduates searching for the next step, vocational school options are endless! Employers are looking for skilled workers to fill critical jobs that will
launch high-paying careers.

Help students gain a broader exposure to the working world they will one day enter with these articles and suggested activities below. 

It's never too early to start exploring!

1. Have students complete an interest questionnaire
2. Invite speakers to your classroom to discuss different career fields. 
3. Work with local organizations to set up a job shadowing program for students. 
4. Host a career fair for students and invite different business and organizations. 
5. Organize field trips to give students a "behind the scenes" look at different careers. 

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