Get a FREE ticket to Mizzou Minutes Day!

It is often recommended that we read at least 20 minutes each day. Set a weekly goal for yourself and record the number of minutes that you read daily, along with what you are reading for a chance to win 2 tickets + parking to an upcoming Mizzou basketball game! Winners will be chosen at random.

Participating students in grades K-12 will receive one FREE ticket to Mizzou Minutes Day on March 9 for the Mizzou vs. Ole Miss basketball game. The deadline to order tickets is Thursday, March 7.

Download your reading log and ticket request below!

Step 1 - Meet your goal and submit your weekly reading log
Step 2 - Complete the Mizzou Minutes order form below.
Step 3 - Mail completed form to:

Hearnes Center 
600 E. Stadium Blvd., Room 369
Attention: Marketing
Columbia, MO 65211


Lesson Components

Mizzou Minutes form Reading Log