Making a Difference On & Off the Court

The St. Louis Surge women's professional basketball franchise is revolutionizing sports in the St. Louis community. Their philosophy of recruiting character first is a key factor for their continued success. In seven seasons, the team has won five Regional Championships and two National Championships. To learn more about the team and their impact both on and off the court click here

Continue the conversation in your classroom with the following activities: 

1. Encourage students to be goal getters! List at least 5 goals they would like to achieve in school, the community and with family and friends. 
2. Explore the St. Louis Post-Dispatch to find examples of successful teamwork in the community, sports, schools, business, etc. 
3. Students work in small groups to come up with positive words or phrases that convey kindness and caring. Have groups share and create a word wall. 
4. Have students write about someone they consider a leader in their life. What qualities do they have? What experiences have shaped his/her life? What do they most admire about this person?
5. Divide students into small groups and ask each group to develop a short skit about showing respect. Have each group present their skit to the class.  

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