Lesson Plans

Jim the Wonder Dog

Have you ever felt like your dog understands you? Sam Van Arsdale did. In fact, Sam’s dog understood English, French and even Morse Code! This is the story of Jim the Wonder Dog — a Llewellin Setter living in the 1930s who amazed everyone with his ability to follow any command, hunt like a champion and even predict the future....

Classics on Ice

St. Louis Blues and NIE present Classics on Ice!

This six-part program is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the St. Louis Blues. The first part of the series took an in depth look at the STEM involved in building an ice hockey rink on a baseball field. The next five parts will feature a classic player from each decade...

Hoops for Health

Help your students learn about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle! Our Hoops for Health topics will include the importance of exercise and healthy eating habits.

Early newspaper publishers and journalists sought to lure settlers to the territory, to make Missouri a greater state. Newspapers still record the progress of Missouri, providing a day-by-day history of their communities and the people. From these pioneer beginnings, journalism has reached great heights in Missouri, highlighted by outstanding publications as well as the world’s first School of Journalism at...

Roscoe's Treasure

After being gone for several days, Roscoe the family dog, returns home, much to the relief of Belle and her family. However, he carries in his mouth an unusual treasure – a set of false teeth. The family tries to imagine how their dog obtained the denture; but more importantly, how they will find the owner. They...

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