Lesson Plans

Election 2016

This is an election year like no other! Topics in our elementary curriculum include why voting is important, vocabulary and how to analyze the candidates and their platforms. Lessons for middle and high school students take a close look at the enumerated powers of the Presidency and the Electoral College. Elementary and middle school students will become more familiar with...

Back to School

This six part series is designed to help parents help their children succeed in school. Family Involvement: A Key to Student Success Easing Back to School Jitters After School: What Parents Should Know Honing Math & Science Skills Helping with Homework Parent Teacher Conferences Created by Missouri State Teachers Association

People of Our Place

Three historical cultures were important in the founding and development of Missouri; the French, Scots-Irish and Germans. Of course, St. Louis was founded by the French but they settled throughout the state. The Scots-Irish came from the Appalachian region and mainly settled in the beautiful Ozarks. The Germans mostly settled along the Missouri River, an area that reminded them of...

Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are often referred to as our Founding Documents. Although, they are equally important, the Declaration came first and contains the ideas that eventually brought forth a new nation — the United States of America. Learn more about this Founding Document.

Fourth of July Fireworks Safety

Celebrate America's 240th birthday safely. Across the nation, July 4th is the biggest day of the year for fireworks, and for the most injuries and fires caused by fireworks. You'll find good safety tips in this lesson. Brought to you by the Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri.

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