Lesson Plans

Agriculture Is Everywhere

Agriculture is important to Missouri, and Missouri makes a significant contribution to feeding our nation and world. Missouri has more than 99,000 family farms, putting it behind only Texas in the most farms in the United States. Learn more about the state of agriculture in our great state!

First Ladies

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we present a series on the First Ladies of America. Readers learn about these important hostesses, advisors and social reformers of the White House. Brought to you by the Missouri Press Foundation and the Joplin Globe.

A Sewer Runs Through It A History of the River Des Peres

The River des Peres was once a lovely, free flowing stream. Today, it is a concrete lined drainage system. How and why did it change? Learn the history of the river and then investigate non point source pollution with your students. Appropriate for grades 5 though 12. Learning Objectives Students will: Develop mapping skills and will observe how rain water...

Black History Month 2016

People from other countries have always come to live in America. But unlike other people who came here because they wanted to, the first black Americans were brought here against their will, as slaves. Once they arrived here they were treated as property and had no legal rights. Since that time African-Americans have continued to struggle for freedom and equality....

Bill of Rights

December 15, 1791 Bill of Rights Day The signing of the Constitution on Sept. 17, 1787, was just the beginning of the story of our Constitution. There was disagreement as to whether enough freedoms were guaranteed and whether there was sufficient protection. By compromising and agreeing to amend the Constitution so that all of the freedoms and rights were spelled...

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