Lesson Plans

Follow the case of The People v. C. C. Rider and discover how and why a pair of glasses were broken. Each part of the series includes an edited portion of the case materials, questions for thought and a newspaper tie-in activity. The goal is to open discussion about and increase understanding of the law and the processes of our...

Using the Newspaper to Meet Common Core Standards

Newspapers are a valuable classroom tool. For years, teachers have been utilizing newspapers across the curriculum to meet learning standards. With the educational focus shifting, the newspaper is more valuable than ever. Newspapers are a timely, relevant and affordable source of nonfiction text that allows teachers to meet their classroom goals and students to master the skills.

Building STEM Skills with the Newspaper

In today’s society, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education is more important than ever. STEM is all around us. Science—weather, nature, animals; Technology – computers, smartphones, tablets; Engineering—designing buildings, roads, bridges; and Mathematics—grocery store, banks and more. STEM education encourages critical thinking, analyzing and making connections. According to the United States Department of Labor, the 10 fastest growing careers...

Art Concepts in the Newspaper

The newspaper offers news and information about the world – including the world of art. Art offers to each of us the potential for expression through a means other than words. Though we often think of the newspaper as a medium of words, the opportunity for developing greater understanding of the visual arts in everyday life is there, in every...

The St. Louis Arch celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2015. This set of lessons will help continue the celebration as construction in the Park and downtown is completed.

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