College is challenging – Southeast Missouri State University offers support for success

Southeast Missouri State University understands how much support a new college student needs, from finances to academic support to personal well-being. These are things we do well.

We believe in your access to education so much, we’ve:

Expanded our test optional admissions as well as the number of scholarships availableRedesigned our scholarship program to offer more students aid and created scholarships that increase in value year after yearCreated an office of college planning to give you one-on-one help in navigating the college admissions process

Our students are also fully supported on campus. Whether that’s through a peer advisor program, a connected network of a student’s entire support team or academic and career advisors, whatever path our students take and whatever challenges they face, they won’t be going it alone.

We see the value of this support in a community of diverse, thriving students. This year, SEMO had an increase of 24.2% of its freshmen class from a diverse race or ethnicity. And, our graduating students had a 97% success rate in finding a job or furthering their education within one year.

It’s tough enough to find the school you want to attend, finance it and then excel in your academics. At Southeast, our will to do is the commitment to help you find success. Students need personal support to exceed their potential and, regardless of access to resources, to achieve their college dreams. We do that here.

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