Rockwood School District releases plan to return students to in-person learning

EUREKA — Students in the Rockwood School District can start returning to middle and high school starting in November, according to a Thursday announcement from the district superintendent.

Sixth-grade students can return Nov. 4, seventh-grade on Nov. 5, high school freshmen on Nov. 11, and all other high school students on Nov. 12.

Elementary school students have phased back into in-person learning in recent weeks.

Students will have the option to continue learning from home, Superintendent Mark Miles said.

Parents of sixth- and seventh-grade students will receive an email on Friday detailing the online and in-person options offered by the district. They will need to pick an option by Oct. 21.

High school parents will receive the same email on Oct. 23, with an Oct. 28 deadline to choose.

Previously, Miles authorized student-athletes to play sports outside of St. Louis County despite a coronavirus-related ban on some sports by County Executive Sam Page and the county department of health.

Page has since loosened sports guidelines.