What SIU can do for you

Southern Illinois University Carbondale students are known for their friendliness, individuality and willingness to try new things.

SIU students may take courses in multiple areas—such as business and foreign language or science and communications. They may connect their own paths and build an educational foundation that is both traditional and uniquely their own. Or they may follow an approved course of study that puts them on a satisfying career path in engineering, technology, health care or other areas.

Perhaps the most important reason students come to SIU is because we deliver the advantages of a nationally ranked research university and the personal attention and hands-on learning options of a small college. It adds up to career-enhancing experiences, research and publication opportunities and mentored creative project—as early as your very first year as a Saluki! Your SIU experience is more than just an education; it will change your life.

We encourage you to personalize your education by engaging in your own research and creative projects. You can get your hands dirty at the student-run organic farms. You can help manage $1+ million of the SIU Foundation’s portfolio. You can compete against other collegiate teams in the air, on the water, with robotics, cyber security, interior design, marketing or an array of sports clubs. You can star on stage or in the orchestra, you can contribute to clean energy research, learn to fight forest fires or travel to post-hurricane disaster sites to understand and improve recovery efforts. You can even earn an Emmy for television news coverage.


SIU has a long history of opening doors for students, welcoming many who are the first in their families to go to college as well as those who are third- and fourth-generation college students or “Legacy Salukis.”

Our students come from big cities and small towns, from nearly every state and more than 100 countries. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our student body. That’s why we’ve done away with out-of-state tuition — we don’t want a little thing like location to come between you and your SIU adventure!

Our full-ride scholarships — the Chancellor’s Scholarship for incoming freshman and the Provost’s Scholarship for transfer students — bring top students to the university, along with our University Excellence Scholarships. You’ll want to find out what is available in your specific area. Our General Scholarship Application ensures that you automatically apply for every scholarship for which you are eligible. Find information about all of them at scholarships.siu.edu.


Maybe you’ve heard of Living Learning Communities? At SIU, we have 16 of them! LLCs are areas of on-campus residence halls reserved for students in similar majors or with similar interests. For example, we have a Business LLC, an Engineering LLC and an Architecture, Art & Design LLC as well as an LLC for Campus Pride. We also have more than 250 student organizations on campus. Some are the national honors societies and student chapters of professional organizations that a research university such as SIU might be expected to have. Some are affiliated with particular majors or career paths, others are Greek fraternities and sororities. Some are sports-oriented. And some are for special interests. From sustainability groups to a Quidditch team, the Southern Illinois Metalsmiths, Movie Camera Movement film makers or the Saluki Racing — Formula One SAE team, Saluki students have myriad opportunities to find their pack.


Our students are ready to hit the ground running, committed to community service, learning-by-doing and participating in a supportive academic environment. Our alumni remain connected to their alma mater. They seek ways to help current students, foster interns and externs, and offer professional expertise. Our faculty members bring creative and research experience into the classroom, mentor students one on one, and encourage the best from their students. That’s Southern Illinois University Carbondale; that’s what it means to be a Saluki.

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